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I Made ‘Little Women’ Lemonade to Satisfy My Thirst for Travel

  A glass of "Amy’s Lemonade." The Summertime Beverage Reminded Me of My Massachusetts Visit By Anna Krejci It has been two years since I traveled to Massachusetts to see Louisa May Alcott’s historic home in Concord, and I am nostalgic for that trip. Alcott wrote the charming novel, “Little Women,” in which the four March sisters were raised by their mother at home; their father served for the Union in the U.S. Civil War. In the novel, Amy March serves lemonade to the rest of her sisters at the beginning of summer. Being taken by this nice tradition, I wanted to make homemade lemonade this June. In doing so, I also wanted to reminisce about my trip. During my visit to Alcott’s home, known as Orchard House, I found a cookbook in the gift shop that contains an 1851 recipe for lemonade. The cookbook contains American recipes from the 1850s to 1880 that have been adapted for modern day cooking and are like the foods Alcott mentions in her novel. It is called “The Little Women Coo

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