About This Blog

My name is Anna Krejci.  I started this travel blog, Outbound Ohio, in 2023 to help travelers who are looking for fun experiences in Ohio.  I do travel writing, so my reflections and personal preferences are obvious in the blog posts.  I hope the blog helps travelers who have similar interests as I have.  Often, I visit places within a day’s drive of Cleveland, Ohio.  Occasionally I venture to more far-reaching places. My spouse, Corey, travels with me often.

Keeping a blog is my pastime, and I enjoy photography and writing.  I also enjoy biking, hiking, board games, cooking, crafting, arts, culture and more.  Even though I travel, my likes go with me, and so sometimes I will experience some of my hobbies while on vacation.  I will strive to integrate these subjects into my travel writing.  Periodically, I would like to comment on news that impacts tourists and deals with the environmental concerns of tourism.

I am keeping this blog because I enjoy it, and I am not earning income from it.  I hope you enjoy it too and find it useful!  I believe in being a responsible tourist, and I respect the communities that I visit, the people and the environment.

Contact Me

I value feedback, so please feel free to send me an e-mail with comments or questions to anna@outboundohio.org.

Thank you for reading my blog, Outbound Ohio.

Sincerely,   Anna Krejci